My vintage MacPro – Part 1

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Back in March of this year (2022) I purchased a 2009 MacPro 4,1. When this was originally purchased the retail price would have set you back nearly $6k, I purchased one off of craigslist for a couple hundred dollars that included original software in the box and a Cinema Display.

I proceeded to flash the firmware effectively making it a MacPro 5,1. Then upgraded the dual intel xeon processors to dual xeon x5675 [specs] that originally retailed for $1,443 each, I purchased mine from AliExpress for @ $40 this included shipping.

I made the choice to de-lid the pair of xeons I received so I didn’t need to modify my heatsinks if the processors didn’t match the orginal’s IHS-less CPU.

“For the uninitiated, delidding is the act of separating the integrated heat spreader (IHS) from the top of your processor, and then replacing the stock thermal paste the manufacturer has used, with something a little more premium, usually liquid metal or a better thermal paste.”

– according to Zak Storey over at Tom’s Hardware

I also decided that this 1,000 watt beast of a computer needed more than the originals 8gb of RAM. So back to AliExpress and I bought 32gb (4gb x 8) ofECC RAM @ $30.

To be continued…

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